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Do you want to create viral video content with the most exciting producers on this side of the universe?  It’s time for you to contact The Kloons.

Imagine working with a team that knows how to build your brand and further your strategic goals.  This team understands your creative vision and has the tools to execute a product that is, quite literally, beyond your wildest dreams. With over 10 million views and 100,000 subscribers, The Kloons are your one stop source for creative, edgy, viral video content that separates you from the pack.

When you choose to work with us, you'll receive full production services including creative development, writing, directing, casting, filming, scoring, editing, and post production effects that will take your project from concept to reality. You may find that as you explore The Kloons further, we are exactly who you have been looking for.

comissioned viral videos

Glyde Ethical and Vegan Condoms viral video campaign

GLYDE is world's only premium and ethical vegan condom company. This viral video campaign brought them massive brand awareness for the first time althoguh they have been in businees for over 20 years. The three videos reached 500,000 views on YouTube and an additional 250,000 views on external sites within first two weeks of going public.

The campaign was featured on dozens of influential news sources including The Mirror, The Daily Dot, Break.com, Breitbart, India Today, The Business Standard, and Elephant Journal.

glyde condoms viral video campaign

For the first time in his life, Sam Ibrahim was considering closing his business. The economic downturn had taken its toll on the Brooklyn bagel shop and it was up to The Kloons to come up with a fresh and relevant grass roots campaign to stir up local interest.

The Bagelteria video gained nearly 100,000 views in it's first few days online and Sam's story was picked up by The New Yorker's GrubStreet, local news and online reporters.


Mark Fisher Fitness is one of New York City's leading alternative fitness institutions. They came to us looking for a dynamic, fast paced, and engaging instructional video that reflects their mantra: Ridiculous humans.  Serious Fitness.


In the latest Hollis Brown collaboration, The Kloons utilized their relationship with Choreographer/Dancer Anna Schnaitter to create dream-like visuals for the song Nightfall.

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