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The Vision of The Kloons is to be a viral network of engaged participants collaborating to inspire a positive shift in how people experience the world around them.

The mission of The Kloons is to create imaginative media and kaleidoscopic experiences by providing a collaborative platform through film, live performance, and social experimentation.

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[ Mitch Lewis ]

Exploring this existence led to the crumbling of assumed knowledge...from this rubble I am constructing my own reality...it might as well be funny and/or interesting...here's a little joke for you...Knock Knock. (Who's there?) Milky Way. (Milky Way Who?) Milky Way on your head! 

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[ Greg Washburn ]

Born and raised in the mountain forests of Santa Cruz, Greg Washburn graduated from UC Irvine with Honors in Acting and a minor in Education. Since then he has become a roving raving minstrel, traveling across 22 countries on 5 continents. He currently resides somewhere in this cosmos and is currently working on something. I'm almost sure of that. 

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[ Nik Kazoura ]

Nik enjoys long walks at the beach and hiking through chaparal. He's a great overall guy.

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